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Waterproofing Videos

Installing Draintile Basement Waterproofing System

Luke demonstrates the process of installing our legendary drain tile system.

What About the Pipes?

Kevin quickly shows how we can fix your problem, even with pipes or other obstructions in the way.

Legendary Drain Tile System

Kevin talks in-depth about BWC’s Legendary Drain Tile system that the company has been using for years with proven results.

Our Family Run Business

Fixing wet basements in MN (and surrounding areas) for 50 years.

Removing Water from Foundation Blocks

How to get water out of foundation blocks.


Our estimators will work with you to find the best solution for you!

Baseboard Drain Tile System

Kevin describes the installation process and function of our baseboard drain tile system.

Our Drain Tile System

If you have water coming up into your basement, we can fix it! This drain tile repair basement waterproofing system is a proven method to dry up living spaces.

Wall Anchors

Kevin talks about using wall anchors to straighten buckling walls.