Baseboard Waterproofing Installing for Leaky Basements
The Smart Way to Fix Leaky Basements
Get the baseboard waterproofing system installed in your home. It is uniquely designed to channel water from your basement walls or from holes that are drilled into the cement blocks to a sump pump.
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Basement Water Controlled Installing a Dry-Up Baseboard for Waterproofing
Effective Interior Waterproofing Services

Get a Baseboard System Installed in Your Home

The baseboard is the best waterproofing method for small leakage issues that diverts water from your walls to your basement floor, and out through the sump pump.
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"The work was done in a very timely manner. Work site left VERY clean. Thanks."

Margaret - Customer

Tired of Water leakage in your basement?

This unique basement leak repair system uses a hollow vinyl baseboard which is 5 inches tall and protrudes 2 inches from the wall.

Dry basement, Guaranteed

Our water seepage basement product is guaranteed! This will give you a dry and livable basement (without the water seepage) all year around.

We Can Apply the Baseboard Method to Any Type of Basement

Our team has worked on countless projects, and we've installed the baseboard system to various types of basements:
⛏️  Old stone walls
🏚️  Poured walls
🌳  Wood walls
🧱  Block walls
The baseboard can be installed even if the basement is finished.
Baseboard Waterproofing For Leaky Basement Walls
The #1 Solution for Small Leaks

Advantages of the Baseboard System

Most basements do not require the breaking and replacement of concrete floors.
#2Requires no costly removal of steps, sidewalks, lawn and shrubbery when digging around exterior basement walls.
#3Can be installed on any wall regardless of construction.
#4Can be installed on any wall regardless of construction.
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