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How to Keep Your Basement Fresh and Clean

Learn 8 practical tips to keeping your basement fresh and clean from dirt, water, and mold. We've learned a thing or two from 50+ years waterproofing basements.
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21 Ways to Utilize Your Basement Space

Here are 21 ideas (and a bonus) for the best ways you can make use of your extra basement space.
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How to Hire a Basement Contractor (Homeowner Guide)

Step-by-step guide to hire the best basement contractors within your budget who will provide the best quality work on your basement. Check out the list!
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Improper Yard Slope is Causing Basement Flooding

Improper landscaping drainage is one of the leading causes of basement flooding issues. Find out the best remedy for these issues and how you can stop them from happening in the future.
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Fix Humidity Issues in Basements

Learn how to fix your basement humidity issues and figure out why they keep coming back. Stop them at the source and guarantee a fix for good.
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