How Outside Wall Sealer Can Help Protect Your Basement

Is water entering your home through the exterior of the foundation wall? There could be an assortment of reasons why water finds its way into your home.

Water can enter your home even if there are no interior cracks. Moisture can make its way through the walls, leaving your basement wet and possibly unsafe.

What is Outside Wall Sealer?

An outside wall sealer is a thick coat of protective substance that looks similar to paint after it has dried and is designed to protect basements from water entering through the foundation walls.

Cut Off the Bleeding of Water Seeping Into Your Home

Exterior wall sealers can help cut off the bleeding by making the exterior non-penetrable.

Let’s take a closer look at how exterior wall waterproofing is done and how you can take care of your basement leakage issues.

Who Needs Outside Wall Sealer?

Exterior wall sealer is great for homes that have water or moisture leaking through the foundation walls.

The sealer looks similar to a coat of paint and is applied directly to the surface of your foundation walls.

The Process of Applying Outside Wall Sealer

1. Foundation walls are exposed

First, the ground surrounding your foundation wall is dug up to expose the foundation walls. This allows the team to be able to apply the sealer.

In the example below, you can see the foundation walls have been exposed to give us access to apply the sealer.

Example of Basement Preparing for Outside Wall Sealer

2. Walls are cleaned

We need to make sure that the foundation walls are cleaned thoroughly so that the coat of sealer is applied correctly and has lasting effects.

3. Sealer applied

Finally the outside wall sealer is applied, which will keep water out of your home.

An Example of Outside Wall Sealer Being Applied

Here is what the sealer looks like after it has been applied.

Outside Wall Sealer on Foundation Walls

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