Does your basement wall leak water? In this article, you will find out why basement walls leak and how it can be stopped so it doesn't seep in the future.

How Do I know If My Basement Wall is Leaking?

Generally if your basement wall is wet, moldy, stained, or tends to have damp spots, it probably means that your wall is leaking. The most obvious case is water dripping down the sides of your basement walls, but it isn't always this cut and dry (no pun intended).

Why Is My Basement Wall Leaking?

Basement walls can leak because of water that builds up on the outside of your foundation. The water builds until it has nowhere else to go but into your basement. Cracks are not required for the water to enter your home!

How Does Water Get Through My Basement Wall?

Water can get through your basement wall through many sources.


If your basement windows are not sealed completely, or the moisture has gone through them, they can be a common leakage source in your basement. Generally if water is leaking through windows, you will see streaks directly underneath your windows in your basement's interior.


As mentioned previously, water does not need large areas to seep through. Water can go through concrete as moisture and make your basement very wet, damp, and musty.


The most obvious case of basement wall leakage is when there are cracks in your walls. These cracks leave plenty of room for the water to flow through to get into your basement.

How to Fix a Leaking Basement Wall

As with any basement leakage issue, it's important to find the true source of the problem before making a prescription to fix it.

DRY-UP Baseboard System

The DRY-UP waterproofing system is designed specifically for water that is leaking through your walls. It is a proven waterproofing system that does not require excavation your basement.

Baseboard Waterproofing Before & After

Exterior Wall Sealer

If water is coming in through the exterior of your foundation, an outside wall sealer will do the trick. It will keep water from penetrating the outside of your home's foundation. This technique does require the digging up of the soil surrounding your home's foundation, as that is the only way to put the sealer on.

Keep Water Away From Your Basement

Sometimes the issue is not in the basement itself, but outside the basement. For example, if you gutters are overflowing and causing water to build up near your foundation, clearing out the gutters could help fix that issue. Or if you water grass and flowers near your home, that could be why there is so much water near your foundation. Another common issue is the grading surrounding your foundation.

Keeping water away from your basement is the safest way to keep it out of your basement.

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