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Get a permanent solution to leaning and bending basement walls. We offer guaranteed fixes for buckling basement walls.
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 Buckling and Bowing Basement Wall Repair
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Signs of Danger

Are Your Walls Bowing?

Bowing walls are walls that lean because of a weakened foundation structure. Oftentimes you will see cracks in the wall, but the leaning begins well before any noticeable cracks.

Bowing walls can be dangerous, as they are signs that the integrity of your home's foundation is at risk. With a weak foundation, further damage is sure to come to your basement walls, and possibly more.

Testimonials from our buckling wall repair customers:

“The crew showed up at our site promptly; worked very hard; completed the project of excavating, straightening 3 buckled walls, bracing 3 other basement walls and installing drain tile – in 3 & 1/2 days! They worked efficiently in an effort to maximize good weather and had ALL of the outside work done prior to the rain fall. I would highly recommend this organization – No Reservations Whatsoever!!! These guys work long hours as needed and are very professional and respectful.”
Tim Hogan - Sturgeon Lake, MN
“I was very pleased to have Larry and Aaron do the remedial work on our poured concrete walls. It was one of our hottest days. They arrived on time, after a quick tour, both set to work unloading equipment, getting it placed and began work. No wasted time, no discussion on who did what; total clean-up, inside and outside. All questions were answered fully and professionally. I was equally impressed watching them reload equipment, making sure all safety latches and chains were in place and stabilized before moving on to their next project.”
J A Rheingans - Appleton, MN
Why walls cave in

What Causes Bowing Walls?

Bowing basement walls are oftentimes caused by hydrostatic pressure that builds up around the house. Once the pressure gets too high, it has no where else to expand except into your house. This puts pressure on the walls and causes them to cave in.
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Basement Walls Leaning in My House
We Offer Two Options

Fix a Basement Wall That is Caving In

There are a couple of repair options to fix basement walls that are either collapsed or caving in. The preferred method of Basement Water Controlled is the wall anchor system.
Wall Anchor System
Option #1

Wall Anchor System

The Hold Right Anchor System is unique. It is a system that holds and straightens your buckling basement walls and garage walls. This is a proven wall anchor system, similar to what has been used on highline poles, telephone poles and road guards for over 70 years.

Our Hold Right Anchor System is a proven method for buckling wall repair in Minnesota and the surrounding areas!
How it works

How the Wall Anchor System Works

The plate goes inside the basement to pull the foundation wall straight.
Wall Anchor System Example
Outside wall brace in the ground – the plate pulls the inside wall anchor to straighten the wall.
Wall Brace in the Ground
It is no longer necessary to dig up your yard, jack up your house and replace the buckling or bowing walls. If the basement walls are simply “pushed out”, without anchoring them, they usually just cave in again, even when reinforced.

Hold Right anchor system not only straightens the walls over time, but also holds it from buckling in again. The advantage of the Hold Right anchor system is that it is not necessary to dig up your yard which can damage your lawn, shrubs, flowers, patios, sidewalks, steps, etc. (except in sand and gravel).
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Option #2

The Gorilla Wall Brace

The Gorilla wall brace is commonly used on block or poured concrete walls.

Gorilla wall braces are another foundation favorite with minimal obstruction and time of installation. This may be the answer for your buckling wall.

By drawing top support from 3 floor joists and firmly anchored into the concrete floor below, the wall brace, is a permanent force for many bowing basement walls.

A special tightening mechanism allows for steady pressure applied to more area behind the brace.

Cost to Fix a Buckling Basement Wall

The cost of fixing a buckling basement wall depends on the house, the severity of the issue, and any other work that needs to be completed. Fixing a bowing wall can cause anywhere from $5,000 - 20,000, but that may vary depending on your situation. See our waterproofing cost estimator.
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