Drain Tile Installation & Repair in Minnesota

The Drain Tile/French Drain is installed along the wall and holes are drilled in the cavities of the block, if you have blocks.

Special edging is installed along the wall to capture any water seepage or condensation that would come from the wet wall. A particular filter rock is used to filtrate the sediments to prevent premature plugging of the drain tile/French drain system.

Also, a unique product is installed to prevent undermining of the footings and help preserve structural integrity. Once all materials for waterproofing the basement are in place, fresh concrete is set in place over top of the filter rock.

A dry basement and secure home is important to you and us as well. Choose wisely, as we have seen some sad waterproofing cases that have caused undermined footings.

Testimonials from customers who use our drain tile system

"The system works great. The guys did a great job."
Brad - Little Falls, MN
"Happy with the outcome. Thank you."
Arlette - Duluth, MN
"PTL - All is dry!"
Scott - Eden Valley, MN
"Very pleasant and hard working employees."
Roseanne - Royalton, MN
Stressed about your basement?

Fix Your Drain Tile So You Can Relax

We also offer a drain tile repair service. It is an effective method used primarily when basement walls are leaking. Get in touch with us to see if this is a method we should be using for you.
Homeowner Stressed About Broken Drain Tile
Walls are cleaned up
Cracks are sealed
Drain tile is added with filter rock
Sump pump added (if needed)
Top soil and clean-up
Basic Procedures

The Trusted Way to Fix Major Water Leakage Issues

Each basement system involves a different process. Here are some of the procedures of getting our proven drain tile system installed into your home.
The Legendary Drain Tile

Exterior Drain Tile Installation

Keep the Water Outside, Where It Belongs
An exterior drain tile system will channel water that surrounds your foundation away from the house so it stays out.
Long-Term Waterproofing Fixes

Let the Pros Do the Dirty Work

Excavation is necessary for drain tile waterproofing systems. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade the landscape look around your home.

What is the difference between UG-18 Drain Tile and UG-24 Drain Tile?

The Legendary UG-18 Drain Tile waterproofing system is installed for less-extensive water leakage issues (typically for repairing water leaks coming through the walls).

The Legendary UG-24 Drain Tile waterproofing system is installed in cases where water is coming up through the floor, through the walls, or both.

The hydrostatic pressure of the water underneath the concrete floor requires the installation of a wider, more robust system to mitigate the water problem.

It requires approximately 24″ of concrete removal.  Also, the warranty is longer on the UG-24 Drain Tile system.

Nothing Beats Our Drain Tile System

There is nothing else like it on the market today. The legendary UG 24 relieves hydrostatic water pressure from under the entire basement floor.

Is water seeping up through floor cracks in the middle of your basement floor? The legendary UG-24 will reduce and relieve high water table pressure.

Many waterproofing solutions today are installed using the quick “easy factor”. Some may think, Maybe we don’t have to take out as much concrete, or maybe we can dig less dirt out.

But those type of systems are only designed for water leaks from the edge. They are not designed for water coming up from the floor, or cracks in the basement floor. The Legendary Drain Tile that we put in is not easy to do. Quite frankly – it is messy and a lot of hard work. With that said, it is going to work for many years to come.  Whether you live in St. Cloud, the Twin Cities, or surrounding areas, you can be assured with our experience and proven track record that we can provide the solutions to dry up your wet basement.

We’ve been in the waterproofing game for a while now and have learned the ins-and-outs of keeping basements dry. We have seen just about every waterproofing issue there is, and we know how to fix it right.
The Basement Water Controlled Team
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