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Protect your two most valuable assets: your home and your family, with our legendary basement waterproofing and repair services. Basement Water Controlled's realistic and established approach to waterproofing has led to thousands of dry and secure basements.
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Basement Water Controlled Team PictureBasement Water Controlled - St. Cloud, MN - Established 1967
Basement Water Controlled

Family-Owned for Over 50 Years

Located in St. Cloud, Basement Water Controlled serves the Red River Valley and a wide area in the Midwest, performing basement waterproofing to Minnesota and the surrounding states.
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Basement Waterproofing MN

Realistic Solutions for Real Basement Problems

Our basement waterproofing solutions are the best in the business. With our experience and expertise, we can fix nearly any basement and crawl space water problem- no matter how severe.
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Drain Tile Services
Drain Tile Installation
For the bigger basement leakage problems
Buckling Basement Wall Repair Services
Buckling Wall Repair
Fix basement walls that are bending or caving in
Foundation Repair Services
Foundation Repair
Take care of cracked or broken foundations
Sump Pump Installation Services
Sump Pump Installation
Discharge unwanted water from your basement
Egress Windows Installation Services
Egress Windows Installation
Shed light in your basement and add a secondary exit
Baseboard Waterproofing Services
Dry-up Baseboard
When water is leaking through the wall in your basement

Minnesota Waterproofing Experts

No More Wet, Leaky, Moldy Basement Issues
No need to worry about your basement being wet or leaking water through the walls and floor. Our waterproofing solutions fix the problems at the source, which means you can have peace of mind knowing that your basement is safe, and the fixes are cemented for good.

Words from Our Happy Customers

With thousands of satisfied customers, you can be confident in the basement waterproofing services you’ll receive from Basement Water Controlled.
"When they arrived on site they went right to work - digging and removing and hauling away unused debris and leaving fill as requested. We really appreciate how very neat they were."
on Angie's List
Drain Tile
"We are very pleased with the work - they worked really hard and were always pleasant and answered all my questions. Thank you again."
from Sauk Rapids
from Baxter
"Very pleasant and hard working employees. Kept me informed at all times of daily objectives. Did their job well and completed assignment as scheduled. Would highly recommend."
from Royalton, MN
Drain Tile
"They worked very fast and very hard and did a great job having the whole project completed in less than 1 day's time. Excellent."
on HomeAdvisor

The Legendary Basement Waterproofing Process

Providing quality from start to finish
Our process has been designed with you at the center. From our family to yours, we want to provide you with quality basement waterproofing services and superb customer service. See how the process works from start to finish.
Step 1:
Get an Estimate
An experienced estimator will come out to see what work is needed and give a price.
"Great service - super friendly - excellent everything."
Michael - Gilbert, MN
Step 2:
Work Completed
Our professional crew will come out to fix your basement issues with our legendary techniques and solutions.
"The best I've ever dealt with, and I've dealt with a number."
Donald - Milnor, ND
Step 3:
Cleaned Up
We'll clean up the basement and/or yard and do everything but the dusting.
"Work site left VERY clean. Thanks."
Margaret - Orr, MN
Step 4:
Dry Basement for Good
You can now enjoy your dry basement and not have to worry about water entering anymore.
"So happy to walk down to a dry basement."
Bernice - Fair Fax, MN
Family-owned and Operated
50+ Years in Business
Free Estimates
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Repair Your Wet Basement

Let Us Do The Hard Work So You Don't Have To

If you are facing any of the below issues:
Our team is ready to come along side of you to find a solution that fits your home's needs and helps you relax and keep your hands clean.
Basement Water Controlled Keeping Basements Safe
Since 1967
Health & Safety

Is Your Basement Safe to Live In?

Getting and keeping water out of your basement can help maintain a healthy living area, freshen the air quality, and even increase your property's value.

Legendary Waterproofing Methods

Our family has passed down its waterproofing secrets from generation-to-generation.

‍The process we use to keep homes dry is the culmination of over 50 years of experience in waterproofing basements.

  • Have thousands of satisfied customers
  • Offer free estimates
  • Have transferable warranty
We only use the best and the most trusted tools and techniques to fix wet basements.
Our warranties are transferable on all the work we do. That's confidence you can trust.

Our Customers Agree

"We were so pleased with your work and your employees that we will whole heartedly recommend you to others."
Whitey - Plymouth, MN
"I was very impressed (as my neighbors were also) with their work, neatness and friendliness. I would gladly recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys."
Willis - Langdon, ND

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work in existing structures or new construction?
97% of our work involves existing structures with residential homes being the most common.
Does the whole basement need to be excavated?
No, the whole basement does not need to be excavated. We recommend 8 feet beyond the walls laterally.
How much does basement waterproofing cost?
It depends on the job. We offer free estimates for most jobs. See our waterproofing cost page for a better idea of how much things will cost.
How do you deal with pipes coming up through the floor?
Our team of experienced installers will work around any obstacle where the waterproofing system has to be installed. In this short video, Kevin shows an example of what is sometimes encountered in a basement. Pipes, wires, and other structures are typically never a problem for us to work around.
What is the difference between Drain Tile and Baseboard Waterproofing?
Drain Tile is the method of waterproofing a basement by way of removing a portion of concrete along the parameter of the basement, installing drainage pipe and a sump pump, then pouring concrete over top. The end result is structurally and geometrically the same as a normal basement. Baseboard waterproofing is installed when there is only water coming through the walls and does not require removal of any concrete. The finished result is visible drainage trim that is three inches wide.
Are your estimates free?
Yes, most of the time.
How long does a typical waterproofing job take?
Typical basement waterproofing jobs take around 2-4 days.  See our services comparison page for a better idea of how long each individual service takes.
What is your most common repair process?
Our most common water damage repair process is under floor drainage systems.
What is one thing you also offer that folks may not know about?
We can remove an old basement floor and pour a completely new, level one.
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