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Protect your family in case of emergency with new egress windows in your basement. Designed to allow light to enter your basement and be a safety exit for times of necessity.
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Egress Window Installation Minnesota

Get Code-Compliant Egress Windows
Standard window wells block the flow of incoming light and can leave basements dark and uninviting. With ScapeWEL, window wells become code-compliant safety escape routes and basement areas are opened up for additional living space.
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Testimonial after our egress window installation:

“We were extremely satisfied with work done for us. They worked as a team, were always pleasant and very careful. Everything was always cleaned up at night. They replaced the basement floor, layed down tile, and installed egress windows. Work done promptly.”
Winston - Egress Windows Installation

High Quality Egress Windows

Increase the Value of Your Home
Not only will you increase the value of your St. Cloud (or surrounding area) home, but you’ll get added selling features, frequent referrals, higher profits and more saleable square footage. Best of all, the ScapeWEL window well system is a cost-efficient alternative to other window well methods.
Egress Basement Window Installation
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A Safe Exit

Keep Your Family Safe in Case of Emergency

You never know when an emergency will happen in your home. Egress windows will provide a safe exit route for you and your family.

Advantages of Our Egress Window Services

Our windows have many benefits:
  • Create safe bedrooms and living space in your basement
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Professionally installed
  • Many options available
Many Options Available

Have Peace of Mind

Whether it’s a remodeling project with a legal bedroom or possibly a lower unit rental option, adding an egress basement window is a top priority for you basement.

Let the sunshine in — brighten up the old basement. The safe escape through the window well will provide peace of mind and a nice cosmetic design to your basement.
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stakWEL Window Installation Services
Multiple Options

StakWEL Window INstallation

Basement Water Controlled also provides StakWEL basement windows. Components are stacked to accommodate for your foundation's height while still allowing light to enter your basement.
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A Safer, Brighter, Better Basement

Your basement should be a place of comfort that you can go down to enjoy.

We have provided thousands of customers over the last 50 years with basement waterproofing solutions, and we'd love for you to be next.
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