Curious whether egress window installation is right for you or if it's even worth it?

Here are 11 reasons to install egress windows.

Keep Your Family Safe (Emergency Exit)

Hopefully you won't need to use it, but In case of an emergency, such as a fire, your family will have a safety exit to leave the house.

Egress windows are designed to leave room for people to climb through when the emergency arises, which leads to the next reason.

Comply With Building Codes

In most areas, egress windows are required where habitable or where rooms are used for sleeping purposes.

So whether you bought an older house without egress windows, or you are building a new home, you'll need to check with your city to make sure your windows are up to code.

Increase Home Value

It's a sweet sound to new homeowners when they hear that they won't have a ton of issues to fix once they move into their new house.

It should also be great news to hear that properly installed egress windows will immediately bring the value of your house up.

There are calculators online to figure out how much increase an egress window brings to a home, but estimates suggest $10K+ when windows are installed.

Increase Daylight

Most of us have been to homes where the basement seems like a dark cave lit by a single candle.

They remind us of dark, damp, and musty areas where we never want to visit again.

Egress windows can increase window space, which allows more sunlight to enter. This will allow you to use your electric lights as complementary lights rather than the only source of light.

Prevent Water Damage

When egress windows are installed properly with good covers or alongside a solid waterproofing system, you won't need to worry about that basement flooding again.

Basement flooding can bring an assortment of issues, such as water damage, mold, foundation failure, and so much more. Part of the solution is simply installing great egress windows.

Improve Air Quality

In the summer, you can open the egress window to allow some fresh air to enter the basement.

This can improve ventilation and makes your basement a more enjoyable place to live and invite guests into.

Not to mention the decreased airborne allergens you will be exposed to (mold, dust, debris, etc.).

Enhance the Aesthetics

Let's be honest, basements just look better with clean egress windows installed.

Those tiny windows cannot compete with the full sized egress window.

And it's not just on the interior; the exterior will look much better with a white window alongside stone, brick, or wood.

Keep Pests Out

The egress windows generally come with a window well, and if installed properly, will help keep pests out.

This compounds the fact that egress windows will assist in keeping your basement dry, which in return will keep the bugs that like moist areas away.

It's a win-win scenario!

Reduce Insurance Premium

We recommend checking with your own insurance provider, but in some cases, you will have less out-of-pocket money in the case of a disaster.

Some insurance companies will look to see if you did your part to stop the disaster from happening, such as maintenance and proper equipment.

This means that installing egress windows now can in return save you lots of money down the road.

Make Your Basement Livable

Making your basement code compliant, adding extra light, and decreasing the risk of disasters will make your basement livable.

So if you have a growing family a or multiple families living in the same house, egress windows are perfect for you.y

Decrease Home Energy Bill

A properly installed egress window can play a part in helping maintain heat and air in your house as opposed to improperly installed windows.

Some windows may not be sealed well and could let air seep in or out.

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