Basement Waterproofing in North Dakota

Proven Waterproofing Methods
An under-the-floor drain tile system, also referred to as a French drainage system, is recommended in some basement leakage cases. Such cases may include, when moisture is seeping and coming up through inner floor cracks, around support posts, pipes, chimneys, etc.
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The drain tile/French drain is installed along the wall and holes are drilled in the cavities of the block, if you have blocks. Special edging is installed along the wall to capture any seepage or condensation that would come from the wet wall.

A particular filter rock is used to filter out the sediments to prevent premature plugging of the drain tile/French drain system. Also, a unique product is installed to prevent undermining of the footings. Once all materials for waterproofing the basement are in place, fresh concrete is set in place over top of the filter rock.

A dry basement and secure home is important to you and us as well. Choose wisely, we have seen some sad waterproofing cases that have caused undermined footings.

Basic Waterproofing Procedures Include:

We have installed many proven working systems in the Upper Midwest. Basement Waterproofing North Dakota is what we do – serving not only the St. Cloud, MN area, but also Minot ND, Williston ND, Valley City ND, Mandan ND, Jamestown ND, Dickinson ND, Bismarck ND, Tioga ND, and other North Dakota cities.
  • Walls are cleaned up
  • Cracks are sealed
  • Draintile is added with filter rock
  • Sump pump added (if needed)
  • Top soil and clean-up complete the project.

Drain Tile system: Outside

We do offer this service. It is an effective method used primarily when basement walls are leaking. Excavation is necessary for drain tile waterproofing systems. It will enable you to change the landscape look around your home as well.

Solutions for Leaky Basements in North Dakota

No more leaking basements. No more water in your basement. Guaranteed.
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"When they arrived on site they went right to work - digging and removing and hauling away unused debris and leaving fill as requested. We really appreciate how very neat they were."
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